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Superbad composed by Lyle Workman

• Music editor: Jonathan Karp

• Score mixer: Chris Fogel

• Music contractor: Gina Zimmitti

• Music prep: JoAnn Kane

Bootsy Collins & The Superbad Band

• Bootsy Collins: bass, vocals

• Bernie Worrell: clavinet, organ

• Clyde Stubblefield: drums

• John “Jab’o” Sparks: drums

• Phelps “Catfish” Collins: guitar

• Luis Conte: percussion

• Jeff Babko: organ, clavinet, Moog

• Lyle Workman: guitar

• Jerry Hey: trumpet, orchestrator

Stardust composed by Ilan Eshkeri

• Music editor: Daryl Kell

• Music supervisor: Liz Gallagher

• Music performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra

• Orchestra conducted by Andy Brown

• Orchestrations: Robert Elhai, Julian Kershaw, Nick Ingman, Jeff Toyne

• Music recorded by Richard Lancaster, Jake Jackson

• Music mixed by Richard Lancaster, Steve McLaughlin

• Music recorded at Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst, British Grove

• Music programmers: Marius Ruhland, Scott Shields, Chad Hobson

• Music preparation: Vic Fraser

• Music production assistants: Christophe Bauschinger, Natalie Holt

• Music production coordinator: Elisa Kustow

Hot Rod composed by Trevor Rabin

• Supervising music editor: Annette Kudrak

• Music editors: Robb Boyd, Jeanette Surga

• Assistant music editor: Chad Birmingham

• Music orchestrated and conducted by Gordon Goodwin

• Additional orchestrations by Tom Calderaro, Trevor Rabin

• Music preparation: Booker White

• Orchestra contractors: Sandy De Crescent, Peter Rotter

• Orchestra recorded by Steve Kempster

• Music mixed by Paul Linford

• Pro Tools operator: Larry Mah

• Orchestra recorded at Todd AO Studios

• Additional music by Paul Linford, Ryan Rabin

No Reservations composed by Philip Glass

• Music score conducted and produced by Michael Riesman

• Music editor: Suzana Peric

• Assistant music editor: Nancy Allen

• Trackdown music editor: Tim Ryan

• Engineer: Dan Bora

• Assistant engineer: Michael Trepagnier

• Music score recorded and mixed at The Looking Glass Studios

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry composed by Rupert Gregson-Williams

• Music supervisor: Michael Dilbeck

• Executive in charge of music for Universal Pictures: Kathy Nelson

• Associate music supervisors: Bryan Bonwell, Betsy Hammer

• Music editors: JJ George, MPSE; Stu Grusin, MPSE

• Music contractors: Sandy DeCrescent, Peter Rotter

• Orchestrators: Bruce Fowler, Rick Giovinazzo, Walt Fowler

• Music preparation: Julian Bratolyubov

• Score recorded by Malcolm Luker

• Score mixed by Al Clay

• Recorded at Sony Scoring Stage

• Scoring crew: Greg Loskorn, Adam Michalak, Mark Eshelman, Dave Marquette, Julianne McCormick

• Digital recordist: Abhay Manusmare

• Percussion: Bob Zimmitti

• Ethnic woodwinds: Pedro Eustache

• Guitar: Anthony Clarke

• Musician coordinator: Rick Fleishman

Evening composed by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

• Score performed by the Polish Radio Orchestra

• Music scoring mixer: Rafal Paczkowski

• Conductor: Tadeusz Wicherek

• Orchestrations: Marek Szpakiewicz, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

• Soloists: Leszek Mozdzer (piano); Justyna Steczkowska (vocal); Janusz Wawrowski (violin); Agnieszka Kopacka (piano); Sylwia Mierzejwska (violin); Adam Bytof (cello); Krzysztof Kit (oboe)

• Orchestra contractor: Bogna Kowalska

• Score produced by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

• Assistants to the composer: Enis Rotthoff, Piotr Tatarski

• Music recorded at the Polish Radio Studios

• Music mixed at Sound & More Studios, Warsaw

Live Free or Die Hard composed by Marco Beltrami

• Supervising music editor: Alex Gibson

• Music editors: Joe E. Rand, Jim Schultz

• Assistant music editor: Jason Ruder

• Additional music by Marcus Trumpp

• Score conducted by Pete Anthony & Marco Beltrami

• Score orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Jon Kull, Bill Boston, Tim Perrine, Mary Finsterer, Dana Niu, Rossano Galante, Ceiri Torjussen, Jim Honeyman, Marcus Trumpp

• Electronic score production: Buck Sanders

• Score contracted by Peter Rotter

• Score preparations by JoAnn Kane Music Services

• Score recorded and mixed by John Kurlander

• Digital recording by Kevin Globerman

• Score recorded at The Newman Stage, Twentieth Century Fox

• Recordist: Tim Lauber

• Engineer: Denis St. Amand

• Stage managers: Tom Steel and Francesco Perlangeli


We’re open in NYC today at 69 Leonard St. from 11-7 PM for our Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary art show! Our friends at Flavorwire wrote about it today!
We have the Clark Orr prints above in-store!!!

That looks great!


We’re open in NYC today at 69 Leonard St. from 11-7 PM for our Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary art show! Our friends at Flavorwire wrote about it today!

We have the Clark Orr prints above in-store!!!

That looks great!

A Mighty Heart composed by Molly Nyman and Harry Escott

• Musicians: Patrick Kiernan, Rita Manning, Josh Hyams

• Violin tudor: Lorenzo Gamma

• Score recorded and mixed by Nick Woolage

• Score recorded at Air Studios, London

• Score mixed at Strongroom, London

• Assistant mix engineer: Ian Wood

• Additional recording: Jimmy Robertson, Ian Wood

• Orchestra contractor: Isobel Griffiths

• Leader: Gaby Lester

• Orchestrated by Andrew Fisher

• Percussion: Inder Goldfinger

• Guitar and bass guitar: Craig Fortnam

• Lead vocals by Nick Carter

• Vocals: Yolanda Antonio, Robert Blackwood, Tracey Campbell

1408 composed by Gabriel Yared

• Music editing and programming: Kirsty Whalley

• Music arranged by Gabriel Yared, Kirsty Whalley

• Temp music editors: Sophie Cornet, Gerard McCann

• Orchestrated and conducted by Jeff Atmajian

• Music coordinator: Becky Bentham for Hothouse Music Ltd

• Additional music editing: Allan Jenkins

• Music recorded and mixed by Andrew Dudman

• Assistant engineer: Stephen Marshall

• Music recorded and mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London.

• Orchestra contractor: Isobel Griffiths

• Assistant orchestra contractor: Charlotte Trinder

• Orchestra leader / violin soloist: Rolf Wilson

• Choir: Crouch End Festival Chorus

• Choir master: David Temple

• Music preparation: Dakota Music

• Music consultant: Robin Urdang

• Music business affairs: Jill Meyers